What is Cremation?

Cremation is the process of reducing the body, by exposure to intense heat, to mineral form. What is left is know as "cremated remains."


Cremation takes place in a chamber called a retort. The retort is then heated to a temperature of 1600 degrees Fahrenheit.


After the cremated remains are removed form the retort, any non-combustible materials are separated and removed.


The total time for the entire cremation process is approximately three hours. Cremation is a strictly controlled process which takes place in carefully maintained facilities using procedural checkpoints which guard the dignity and individuality of each pet.


At Tender Heart Pet Cremation Services, our cremation technicians are certified by Cremation Association of North America.


Tender Heart Pet Cremation operations are exclusive to the greater Cincinnati/Lexington area, due to the fact we are located within a premier funeral home and work in harmony with funeral directors. We fully understand giving every family peace of mind and dignity with every member of their family.


For additional information, contact your veterinarian or click here to contact us.

What Options are available?


Your pet and your pet ONLY is placed within the crematory chamber.



The crematory chamber is divided into dedicated sections and each pet is placed in its own dedicated section of the crematory. At the end of the cremation process each pet is removed from the chamber individually.



Your pet is placed in the crematory chamber along with other pets and cremains are not returned.